The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest health challenge that the world has faced in recent memory.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has become one of the serious victims as well. Pakistan Government made a quick decision for lockdown for the safety of people so that we can stop the spread of this disease. Although, the prolonged lockdown has caused a potential threat to the survival of hundreds of thousands of lives. This is a moment for all of us to stand together, help each other and support our country. The whole picture of the current scenario shows that communities need welfare support and awareness so they can follow the SOPs considering the pandemic as real. With fast testing and screening of COVID-19.

The members of Local Councils Association of Punjab (LCAP) are busy providing relevant facilities without any government support.

There are numerous cases where members are supporting individuals in their area without publicizing receivers to save their self-esteem. Some of the instances are mentioned below;

Coronavirus has provoked food shortage in Pakistan. Extended lockdown already puts poorest and most vulnerable people at risk. Our leading Women councillors Khalida Iqbal (Rahimyaar Khan), Farzana Abbas (Sahiwal), Rabeya Zahid (Lahore), Shagufta Hussain (Leyyah), Ome Kalsoom (Muzaffargarh) distributed food items and ration at their personal capacity among hundreds of area inhabitants. They have arranged a system in the local vegetable market so inhabitants can buy food items at low prices. They are also working on spreading positive vibes in the region to gather all political parties to work for people. Awareness campaigns and distribution of corona kits and sanitizers is also a remarkable effort by our leading women councillors.

Our Women are playing an outsized role responding to COVID-19, including as frontline healthcare workers, caregivers at home, and as mobilizers in their communities. We highly appreciate and encourage their efforts.