LCAP conducted Virtual Women Leadership Training for Women Development Committee

Local Councils Association of the Punjab aims to empower women representation at the local tier of democracy. The purpose behind this session was to highlight the competencies, styles, values, skills and qualities of a Women as Leader.

This session is conducted by Ms Maham Ahmed, Gender Development and Minority Officer at LCAP. The session was accompanied by nearly fifteen Women Development Committee members from different districts of Punjab.

The training helped female representatives of WDLCAP to understand the need for acquiring relevant leadership styles to overcome challenges in their areas. the facilitator broke down various skillset in front of participants, moreover, all representatives shared their practices while dealing with their audience. In the end, it has decided that the Women Development Committee in Punjab should be expanded further at the district level, each district leader should be training district level members for effective service and overcoming stigmas of social setup.

Author: LCAS
Local Councils Association Sindh is an organisation working in Karachi, Sindh. While supporting various local government aspects under the project SALG funded by European Union and CLGF.

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